Associate Professor of Statistics

Université Bretagne Sud

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Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Bretagne Atlantique
Centre de Recherche Yves Coppens
Rue André Lwoff - BP 573
56017 Vannes, France

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Research themes

  • Functional estimation

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Empirical Modeling in Economics


Strong Uniform Consistency of the Frequency Polygon Density Estimator for Stable Non-Anticipative Stochastic Processes e-print, 2022 (submitted paper).

Programmer et documenter une API avec Python, Flask, Swagger et Connexion
Blog article, DataScientest, 2022.

Connecter une API à une base de données sous Python
Blog article, DataScientest, 2022.

Programmation d'API Web sous Python avec Flask
Blog article, DataScientest, 2022.

Development of a new approach using mathematical modeling to predict cocktail effects of micropollutants of diverse origins
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Sustainable development education in the context of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development
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Une application de l'analyse harmonique non-commutative à l'analyse de saillance : le cas de trois vignettes
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One-Sided Synthetic control charts for monitoring the Multivariate Coefficient of Variation
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The contribution of Regional Centers of Expertise for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
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Graphical Knowledge Representation Tools for High Quality Learning
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A teacher's perspective on the interactions between the United Nations' SDGs
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Analysis of occupational injuries in the sea fishing industry according to the type of fishery and the fishing activity
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The need for fundamental change in Education
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Mid-infrared fibre evanescent wave spectroscopy of serum allows fingerprinting of the hepatic metabolic status in mice
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Les comparaisons internationales d'état de santé subjectif sont-elles pertinentes ? Une évaluation par la méthodes des vignettes-étalons
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Nonparametric density estimation for nonmixing approximable stochastic processes
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On some stochastic properties in Devaney's chaos
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Consistent Lyapunov Exponent Estimation for one-dimensional dynamical systems
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Determinism is not a curse
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 15:4-5 (2003) 479-483.



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