Quanming Zhou

Applications of Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality


In recent years, computer graphics and virtual reality technologies have increasingly used in the realm of cultural heritage, education, medical science, etc. These digital technologies have integrated with the traditional disciplines to construct a variety of new interdisciplinary subjects. In this lecture, the speaker will introduce his researches and applications of computer graphics and virtual reality in the different areas. To begin with, key technologies of digital cultural heritage and several applications will be introduced, such as digital project of Terracotta warriors and horses, Chinese architecture modeling and virtual roaming, etc. In addition, craniofacial reconstruction technology will be introduced. The purpose of this technology is to produce a possible 3D facial appearance of a skull based on skull and face dataset. Meanwhile, several applications in the archaeology and forensic science will be given. Next, brain vessels visualization technology will be briefly shown. Finally, two examples in education will be given to help people to understand the paramount importance of virtual learning.