H-principle Houat 2015

A workshop will be held from Mon. June 15th. to Fri. June 19th, 2015, in the island of Houat, Brittany, France.

The workshop is devoted to classical and recent developments in Gromov's h-principle, especially for the construction of geometric structures on manifolds. It intends to allow young searchers and students in the domain to meet with confirmed searchers.


Strom Borman (IAS Princeton)
Jonathan Bowden (LMU Münich)
Roger Casals (ICMAT Madrid)
Yasha Eliashberg (U Stanford)
Emmanuel Giroux (ENS Lyon)
François Laudenbach (U Nantes)
Guogang Liu (U Nantes)
Emmy Murphy (MIT)
Klaus Niederkrüger (U Toulouse 3)
Emmanuel Opshtein (U Strasbourg)
Francisco Presas (ICMAT Madrid)
Jasna Prezelj (U Koper)
David Spring (York U, Toronto)
Thomas Vogel (LMU Münich)

Other participants:

Daniel Alvarez-Gavela (U Stanford)
Sylvain Courte (ENS Lyon)
Hélène Eynard-Bontemps (U Paris 6)
Paolo Ghiggini (U Nantes)
Thomas Guyard (U Nantes)
Noémie Legout (U Nantes)
José Luis Pérez García (ICMAT Madrid)
Vinicius Gripp Ramos (U Nantes)
Guillaume Roux (U Nantes)
Alexandre Verine (ENS Lyon)

Program Attempt:

MONDAY: 10h Murphy(I); 11h30 Niederkrüger; 14h Vogel; 15h30 Bowden.
THUESDAY: 9h30 Murphy(II); 11h Liu; 14h Giroux; 15h30 Borman(I); 17h Presas(I).
WEDNESDAY: 9h30 Borman(II); 11h Presas(II); The afternoon is free.
THURSDAY: 9h30 Prezelj(I); 11h Eliashberg(I); 14h Casals(I); 15h30 Opshtein; 18h Laudenbach.
FRIDAY: 9h30 Casals(II); 11h Prezelj(II); 14h: Eliashberg(II); 15h30: Spring.

Arrival/Departure: Houat is a 3.5 kilometers-long island with a unique village, gathering some families of Breton fishers: a place quiet, simple... and a little remote. To get there may be nontrivial.

The participants should join the city of NANTES, e.g. by train from Paris (Montparnasse station), or from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. Alternatively, Nantes has an airport, Nantes Atlantique : flights from/to Paris, Marseille, Munich, and many of the European main cities.
A bus will be chartered. It will start from Nantes on Sunday, 14th at 2:30 pm, and drive the participants to Port Maria in Quiberon, where we shall take the boat to Houat. On Friday, 19th, the bus will return the participants to Nantes around 9:00 pm.

Nevertheless, here are instructions for the adventurer, the lost, the latecomer:
1) Get to the train station AURAY on the line to QUIMPER.
There are frequent TGVs e.g. from Paris Gare Montparnasse (it takes some 3 to 4 hours), or from Marseille (some 8 hours), or from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport (some 5 to 7 hours), sometimes directly, sometimes through an easy connection at Rennes or Nantes. The train from Nantes to Auray takes some 1 to 2 hours, sometimes with an easy connection at Redon or Vannes.
2) From AURAY, get to the port of QUIBERON, 30 kms. to the south, by bus or taxi. This is the nontrivial step. See here.
3) From Port Maria in QUIBERON, the boats of the Compagnie Océane ship you to Houat in some 50 mins. There are two boats a day. Extract from the schedule for June, 2015:
Sunday, 14th: Quiberon>Houat: 10h, 18h40
Monday, 15th: Quiberon>Houat: 8h15, 18h
Friday, 19th: Houat>Quiberon: 7h55, 17h40
Saturday, 20th: Houat>Quiberon: 7h55, 14h35

Talks preparation :
Talks material - A white board and a video projector will be avaible.

Internet - The internet access through wifi may be not so good in the hotel, nor in the conference room. Maybe some wire access will be avaible, but there is no guarantee right now. The access to a printer may be chancy. PLEASE BRING THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS, ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR TALK.

Life in Houat :
The talks and the housing will take place at the hotel La Sirène. Some of the housing will take place at the Hôtel-restaurant des Iles. The dinners are organized at La Sirène. The lunchs are not organized; there are several restaurants and cafés in the village.

Health - There is no pharmacy, although it is possible to get drugs from the Continent in case of emergency. Please bring the necessary.

Shops - The island has a bakery, a post-office, a mini-market, and several food shops, cafés and restaurants.

Money - There is no bank. THERE IS NO CASH DISPENSER, NOR CHANGE, ON THE ISLAND. The participants should bring their cash in Euros, especially to have lunch.

Organizing & scientific committee : Vincent Colin (U Nantes), Gaël Meigniez (U Bretagne Sud). Contact: Gael.Meigniez ((at)) univ-ubs.fr
Secretaries: Katrin Schlau and Stéphanie Benoit: secretariat.lmjl ((at)) univ-nantes.fr

Web page of the workshop: http://web.univ-ubs.fr/lmam/meigniez/houat_2015/index.html

Financial contributors :
Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Bretagne Atlantique (CNRS UMR 6205)
Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray (CNRS UMR 6629)
Centre Henri Lebesgue
European Research Council
Université Européenne de Bretagne
Université de Bretagne Sud